Salon: Experimenting with the Theory of Living Human Systems

Experimenting with Living Human Systems Theory

conducted by Peter Kunneman and Hella Ritz

Monday, November 21, 2011 from 19.00 p.m. – 21.30 p.m.

Center Venwoude, Vuurse Steeg 1, Lage-Vuursche


On November 21, we will transform the CHE Salon into a laboratory for group dynamics. We become a living human system that experiments with its own development. We discover how to connect and build on each other and how to integrate differences in the group without creating scapegoats. We learn to weaken the hindering forces in our living human system, so that the stimulating forces lead to developmental steps. The interaction method we use is called 'functional subgroups', a method developed by Yvonne Agazarian in the context of her Theory of Living Human Systems ( This evening you will be introduced to new possibilities for guiding group processes.

Hella Ritz

has twenty-five years of experience in companies and organizations as a manager and organizational consultant. Before starting her own organizational development agency, she was associated with Kern Konsult for ten years. Hella's expertise lies in guiding management teams at the intersection of business context and collaboration. Hella is a coach for both individuals and teams.

Peter Kunneman

has twenty-five years of experience as a management consultant and interim manager in the Netherlands and Germany, of which twelve years at Accenture. In his work, Peter focuses on forging strong teams that can handle complex problems by effectively integrating differences between them.

Peter and Hella are both members of the Systems Centered Training and Research Institute and owners of 'Licht op de Zaak', an agency for team and individual coaching. Just under two years ago they also led a CHE salon on the Theory of Living Human Systems.

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Upcoming salons

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  • December 12, 2011 – Peter Merry, Edwin Holwerda, Marinet Ritz: The Purple – Turquoise Relationship

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Peter Kunneman, Hella Ritz, Diana de Groot and Leidje Witte