Salon: 'The relationship purple – turquoise'

The purple – turquoise relationship

conducted by Peter Merry, Edwin Holwerda and Marinet Ritz

Monday 19 March from 19.00 – 21.30

Center Venwoude, Vuurse Steeg 1, Lage-Vuursche


“If the Great Mother is suppressed, the Great Goddess cannot manifest”
Ken Wilber

In our search for the true meaning of the Turquoise value system, we notice more and more that the full potential of the Turquoise value system (the Great Goddess) can only manifest itself when the Purple value system (the Great Mother) is soundly integrated. Looking at our society, we see that in its development from one value system to another, it has largely suppressed the Purple and Beige value system. Because of this, our connection with the Earth (Purple) and our sensory and physiological life experience (Beige) has been lost over time, while on the other hand our individuality and our rational-scientific brain have been given free space to develop. The result of this process is a Spiral that has developed from the Red value system, partly constructively, but also partly destructively, with all the associated consequences.

In order to optimally develop the Spiral, and to manifest Turquoise healthily, we have to heal the rift in our development that originated in the transition from Purple to Red. We believe this healing work is crucial for Western society to make aware of the next step in our evolution. During the salon we will explore the concepts described above together and through some experiential exercises you can also connect energetically with these dynamics.

If you want to know more about this subject in advance, you can read the article by Steve McIntosh, in which he describes the above. In addition, Larry Merculieff articulates in this video the different roles that men and women have to fulfill in this context. And if you want to hear Peter talk passionately about this topic, you can listen to his presentation he recently gave for the Integral Leadership Collaborative. This subject is also the central theme in Peter's new book, The Pain & The Promise.


“When the Great Mother is repressed, the Great Goddess is concealed”
Ken Wilber

One of our key discoveries in our explorations around the Turquoise value system has been that we do not get full access to the Turquoise energy dynamic (Great Goddess) if we have not fully integrated the Purple energy dynamic (Great Mother). In our civilization there has been a major repression of Purple and Beige as we moved away from the Earth and our body-intelligence, and let our individualized self and disembodied mind (Red) loose on the world around us. The result has been a Spiral that in the industrialized world has swayed destructively from Red upwards given its lack of bedding and grounding in Purple/Beige.

A key part of our work then, in growing into Turquoise, is healing the Red/Purple split. See here for an article in which Steve McIntosh justifies calling Turquoise “neo-tribal”), as we look to show up with coherence and power (Coral?) in the time to come. The role of men and women in this context is explored powerfully in this video interview with Larry Merculieff. If you would like to hear Peter talk passionately about this, you can listen to or read (we'd recommend listening) this talk to the Integral Leadership Collaborative here. It is also the main theme of Peter's upcoming book The Pain and the Promise. This work we believe is critical to our embodied conscious evolution in the Western world.

In the salon, we will explore this basic concept and experience a couple of exercises to connect us to this dynamic.

Some knowledge of SDi is desirable for this salon and the working language will mainly be in English.

We would like to invite you to this salon on Monday March 19, 2012. The salon starts at 19.00:21.30 PM and lasts until XNUMX:XNUMX PM.

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