On the way to Helen…

Peter van der Vliet receives first copy “ON THE WAY TO HEALING” by Hans Kunneman

Last October 28, the CHE Salon with book presentation place around the theme 'Healing on Your Own Strength' in the new space 'Larch' of Venwoude estate .

It was a manifestation of Hans Kunneman's message that 'however sick you are, you can remain the owner of your own process'. He shared with the 48 attendees the path he has taken for his own cancer cure; how he paved the way for his body's self-healing ability. The integral view from four angles (physical, mental, energetic and spiritual) was his starting point.

Hans, who has now converted his story into a clear approach on paper, always found an enthusiastic source of inspiration along the way Peter van der Vliet, the current chairman and innovator of CHE NL and for many years a facilitator of the Constellation Health.  

The first copy of the book 'On the way to Heling' was therefore for Peter van der Vliet. Peter immediately invited the participants of the Salon to “get the most” from Hans' impulse; to activate the potential of 'self-healing' socially “because the time is right” (contact Peter via www.humanemergence.nl).

The book that Hans wrote for inspiration for others is available via the Hans website https://www.opwegnaarheling.org en bol.com. And: the accumulated knowledge in the Constellation Health, which Hans is inspired by, among other things, is recorded in the booklet Heelheid.nu (www.heelheid.nu).