Color Salon BEIGE

by: Ariëlle Brouwer in cooperation with Peter Luijten and Annelies Weijschedé

What's happening in Beige?

Sometimes it falls silent… 

As it can go in the Beige value system…

And suddenly space is created – for this Salon! 

You will therefore hear later than you are used to from us. 

Do you want to know more about BEIGE?
Next Monday 30/9 is your chance!

What happens when we move from our non-cognitive nature?

You never know what exactly happens in Beige. The first value system as described in Spiral Dynamics Integral, BEIGE, is about 'survival in a natural environment'. We are going to create space in this Salon to discover together what the qualities and influences of Beige are.

Hosted by Annelies Weijschedé, introduced by Peter Luijten, and further supervised by Ariëlle Brouwer, the program is created in motion with each other. 

What's in us? What are we going to meet, the light beneficial sides of Beige or perhaps the dark unhealthy sides – or both? We'll find out on Monday.

Organic Ariëlle Brouwer 

Originally an actor, theater maker and teacher for theater professionals. Mother of two sons. Had his own training & theater company for 20 years, in which integral, embodied learning was central. SDi Practitioner. She works as a Qi Gong teacher, and is in training to become a Medical Qi Gong Practioner.

Ariëlle led the Constellation Yin within the CHE for a number of years and initiated the research group Inquiery into the Beauty of Beige outside the CHE. 

Peter Luijten works as a project leader for IVN nature education. He is also a host at the CHE, Ecstatic Dance DJ and organizer of 'wild earth wild soul' retreats.   

Annelies Weijschede contributes from her office Spraaksaam to communication for the unity of life. She hosts CHE Salons and organizes Insight Dialogue introductory courses and insight meditation days.

Color salons 

Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDi for short) is one of the frameworks we work with with the Center for Human Emergence. This autumn, the CHE is organizing various salons about the value systems as described in SDi, so-called color salons. Not familiar with the SDi yet? Experienced CHE practitioners from the very beginning take us 'through the Spiral'. In each 'color salon' we explore: what is this value system, how does it work in you and within your environment? What does this value system contribute to global transition? What is the interaction with other value systems? With this we are looking together for ways to enable integral social innovation from Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDi) and to learn from it together. You can already read more about SDi here.

Sign Up

You are cordially invited to participate in this Salon. Feel free to share it with someone else who may not know the CHE yet. You can sign up by entering Eventbrite clicking the green 'Attend event' button. You will then receive a confirmation of your registration.

Signing up is important. Depending on the number of registrations, we will look for a suitable space. If the salon does not fit in the Living Room, you will be told on arrival at the Venwoude Living Room in which room the salon will take place.

Due to the nature of the value system and the exercises we will be doing to experience it, the maximum number of participants for this salon is set at 20. Sign up via Eventbrite, because we really can't have more people this time. Wear comfortable clothes when you come.

If you are unexpectedly unable to come, send a text to Annelies Weijschedé: 06-15398808

Eating together

Venwoude can welcome the visitors of the salon this evening no opportunity to eat offer. 

We offer these salons based on the "purpose and principles" of the CHE. To make this permanently possible in the future, we ask you for a financial contribution from € 7,50 per salon. 

You are cordially invited to participate in this salon.

Kind regards, on behalf of CHE,

Ariëlle Brouwer, Peter Luijten and Annelies Weijschedé