Integral Relationships Weekend Workshop with Martin Ucik, 21 -23 March, Amsterdam

Relationships are an essential part of our human experience. Learn how to take your love life to the next level through the differentiation and integration of body, mind, feminine and masculine polarities, heart, shadow and spirit in an evolutionary culture and social context – at the Integral Relationships workshop March 21 – 23 in Amsterdam.

Martin Ucik, who now lives in the US, is a German entrepreneur and author. He trained with Eckhart Tolle as a 'Power Of Now' group facilitator and is the founder of, an Association for Healthy Relationships. Ken Wilber's integral model allowed him to integrate his personal experiences as a divorced father into his own book with the wisdom of everything he had read Integral Relationships, a manual for men. “A terrific book!” according to Wilber. Martin Ucik held a Salon for the CHE in September. More information about Martin's work:

On Friday evening March 21, Martin will give an entertaining, easy-to-understand and light-hearted presentation about the entire Integral Relationship model as he has developed it. In doing so, he touches on levels of consciousness, spiritual development, anima/animus complex and sexual development, 8 forms of love, (in)compatibility of partners, gender roles and primary emotional reactions and sexual fantasy of men and women.

Only by attending this evening will you better understand experiences with relationships from your past. In addition, his story provides insight into development opportunities for your current or future relationship. The presentation is followed by exchange in small groups and there is room for questions and answers in the plenary circle.

The workshop
The workshop on Saturday and Sunday March 22-23 is fully experiential with group exercises, exercises in pairs and individual exercises that allow you to fully embody the Integral Relationship Model. From a heart connection you get to know the other people present in all their dimensions: mind/soul/spiritual/physical body, relational heart/we field and the social dimension. These four essential areas of being human are the foundation for co-creating a thriving relationship. You are invited to identify developmental stages of consciousness from which we understand the world and our relationships and to engage in dialogue about the biological sex differences and learned male-female roles that impact your love relationships. You will connect with the feminine and masculine polarities and experience the five stages of spiritual development from gross to non-dual during a guided meditation. For some participants, this can open doors to meditating with your partner, while others may experience their deepest state of realization ever. Martin introduces you to the five stages of sexual development, from oppressive to transcending sexuality, from a safe base. This experience offers you the opportunity to let go of shame and barriers around sexuality and move towards a sustainable, healing and sacred practice of spiritual/sexual energy exchange. Reliving your childhood experiences helps you see dynamics of attraction and of fear and shame in your love relationships. Healing the shadow or false identity elements within yourself and your partner brings compassion.

“I cannot recommend Martin's seminars enough; his work comes from an authentic heart, shared knowledge, compassion and love, truly a gift to those of us lucky enough to receive it. I heartily recommend this fantastic work.”
-Eliot Bissey, Integral-Matrix, Los Angeles

Practical information
On Friday 21/3 Martin Ucik will give a free introduction to the Integral Relationship model, 19.00 – 22.00. The workshop will take place on Saturday 22/3 10.00 – 18.00 and Sunday 23/3 9.30 – 17.30.
Costs: €247 for individuals, €297 for self-employed persons or if your company pays, €397 for couples.
Location: The Space, Amsterdam
The language of instruction is English. Dutch can be spoken during the exercises.
Co-facilitator is Domi Lambregts which you can also contact for further information and registration. M: 0615900247 or E: