CHE-salon: What is your next step in this rapidly changing Netherlands?

What is your next step in this rapidly changing Netherlands?

conducted by Ard Hordijk, Domi Lambregts and Leida Schuringa

There is a lot going on in the Netherlands and in the rest of the world. There is a growing urgency to actively shape the living environment as each of us would like to see it. We are very curious about what lives in you and what these changes are moving you.

The CHE itself is also on the move. For us, the coming year will be dominated by exploring the natural next step.

We suspect that there are people among you who walk around with wonderful ideas that are easier and more fun to realize with like-minded people. We would like to see with you whether we can make this underlying potential visible and support its realization with the experiences we have gained together in recent years.

Do you have ideas for a conversation/project/activity inspired by social innovation based on unity consciousness, which you would like to shape together with other people involved in the CHE? Or do you want to collaborate with other people involved in the CHE to shape their ideas? Then come to the salon on THURSDAY March 23 in the Impact Hub! Reception from 13.30:14.00. Program start: XNUMX p.m.

The aim of this salon is to help each other to realize ideas/plans that contribute to social renewal based on unity consciousness. This can vary from organizing a dialogue about 'How do I relate to current world developments' (possibly inspired by the Herman Wijffels salon on March 6 and the salon about the election results on March 20), to making a theater production about integration or a concrete project on sustainability or social cohesion in your own neighbourhood. There are of course many places from which you can do this. What we want to practice is to do this from the principles of CHE (see also

If you want to continue with the idea after the 23rd, we offer the following support from the CHE:

* The possibility - together with a salon host - to organize a salon on the topic/idea/plan that is close to your heart.

* If you want to work on this with a group (in the form of a constellation, workgroup or otherwise), we support you with an overview of the best practices of the constellations around second-tier collaboration and 1- op1 coaching.

* Supporting your initiative through online publishing options.

You are most welcome!

Ard, Domi and Leida have been active within the CHE for many years. Ard and Leida also work as partners of Synnervate. The three of them fulfill the new CHE role “Researcher next step CHE organization”.

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You are cordially invited to participate in this salon. You can register by clicking on the green 'YES' button, you will then receive a confirmation of your registration. If you can't come unexpectedly, send a text to Leida: 06 20 74 88 50.

Salons spring 2017:

Monday 20 March 2017: Peter van der Vliet and Clé Burgers
Observing the 'democratic' developments – Venwoude

Thursday afternoon, March 23, 2017: Leida Schuringa, Domi Lambregts and Ard Hordijk
In action from and with the CHE – The Hub Amsterdam

Monday 3 April 2017: Odile van Eck and Michael Welsby
Resonant connection in partner relationship – Venwoude

Monday, April 10, 2017: Jeff Olson
Atone now – Venwoude

Monday, May 1, 2017: Topic to follow

Monday, May 15, 2017: Topic to follow

Monday, May 29, 2017: Topic to follow

Monday 12 June 2017: Heleen Kuiper and Toon Franken
Organizing from teal – Venwoude


We offer these salons based on the "purpose and principles" of the CHE and in order to make this permanently possible in the future, we ask you to pay a financial contribution from € 7,50 to the salon host.

And also possible, become a donor!

Organized by volunteers for volunteers. And the CHE has costs. From the Chamber of Commerce and the website to wanting to compensate for the time that goes into making connections between parties that enter into collaborations that they could not have dreamed of. To continue to make all this possible, we invite you to become a donor of the CHE. With an automatic transfer of at least € 20,– per month you make our work possible. The Center for Human Emergence NL is recognized as a charity, so your donations are tax deductible.

You can register as a donor by sending an email to and/or transferring a one-time donation or monthly amount directly to IBAN account number NL51 TRIO 0212 4791 72 in the name of the Center for Human Emergence Foundation in Amsterdam. Incidentally, individual contributions are also very welcome.

You are cordially invited to participate in this salon (see invitation and registration).

We hope you come!

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Best regards,

Ard Hordijk, Domi Lambregts and Leida Schuringa