CHE-salon: What is my relationship with 'together'? (January 22, 2018 from 19.00 p.m. – 21.30:XNUMX p.m.)

CHE-salon: What is my relationship with 'together'?

In this salon we will examine our relationship with 'together' or the 'common space'. As an entrance we use movement, bodywork and systemic constellations. Our body carries an enormous wisdom, is always in the moment and gives us uncensored information about what is actually there.

Many innovators, pioneers and change agents strive for a society that is inclusive, a society in which we live and create together. We have all kinds of images for that and we unfold our own activities for it, together and alone. However, we often overlook questions such as “what is my relationship with 'together'?”, “how do I relate to the communal space I create or step into?” and “how do I actually connect with the other and with the collective?”

In contact, our body unconsciously plays a role. We may not communicate it verbally, but what we radiate with our body does make us more or less accessible and credible. And you may have ideas about how you relate to 'together' and 'togetherness', but that if you really listen to the subtle information of your body, this relationship is something different or more nuanced.

Our research during this salon can provide surprising insights into your relationship with 'together' and the 'common space'. This can contribute to how you enter or create this space in the future.

Wear loose clothing in which you can move freely. We are not allowed to wear shoes in the hall, so something warm for your feet can be useful.

Marjon van Opijnen…
…believes that our body is the physical expression of our emotions, our thoughts, and also of our essence, our source of inspiration and creativity. Our body is our vehicle to do what we have to do and it is also a huge source of wisdom, it is always in the moment and uncensored in what it shows.

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