CHE Salon 8 July 'discovering spicy power in silence'

Salon 8 July 2019 (last before summer)

discover your 'spicy power' in silence

by: Cathy Camertijn

Cathy has a mission: to make the world quieter. What does that 'look' like?

Her invitation is: 'let yourself be attracted by going from idea to material with silence in the lead'.

On July 8, Cathy will start part 2 of her Silence Tour, her literal journey through Europe to the silence.

van silence tour

If we allow ourselves to be moved from idea to matter with silence in the lead, in which world do we live? Entrepreneurs are therefore cordially invited to this salon! We search creatively for examples and especially for images from within ourselves.

This evening Cathy shares her Silence Tour and especially her unconventional ideas and insights about 'silence', which she approaches from different facets: silence & healing, silence & entrepreneurship, silence & numerology, silence & research. We investigate it for ourselves and the collective.

For her Silence Tour, Cathy travels from Belgium throughout Europe with her 'van', a camper. She travels through Scotland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Bosnia and back via Portugal. 'Caught' as she is by the Budapest Club's mission – raising global cultural awareness – her intention is to contribute in a modest way, by increasing silence. She's not going to convince anyone. She wants to discover and learn together. She follows her intuition and talks about 'silence' along the way.

De 8thJuly is her first day of travel and she first drives to the Lage Vuursche for the CHE salon.

Silent research into lively power

We will start the research with questions such as: What is silence? How do you let silence land and how can you really use silence? What if silence should not become silence, isolation and manipulation? Cathy picks up silence during this salon from different themes, namely: art, spirituality, economic, social and so on.


Cathy Camertijn is a spiritual entrepreneur, healer and silence ambassador from her company Lessnow, when silence speaks. Until November 2019 she is traveling for the silence. Her motto: 'Dare to let go and allow the new'. Her mission is to let people discover the 'silence' and to bring them into contact with their own inner strength. She is the author of the book 'the fish unraveled'  and fundraiser for Tiny House project. She combines her expertise in energetic work (including training in reiki, access bars, malva therapy) and in entrepreneurial development (training courses including AI, BMC, numerology, spirit booster and theater therapy).

As a single entrepreneurial mother, she wants to be an example for her daughter. As Cathy puts it in her own words: “Go 100% for life, dare to fall and learn to take care of yourself, with self-esteem and respect for yourself and others; be kind and forgive."

Do you want to know more?Follow some of Cathy Camertijn's films that she regularly posts on Youtube. Living and doing business from flow and trust. What energy will bring us this month?

Curious about how silence in all kinds of surprising facets can contribute to a better life for everyone? Come to the lounge!

The idea for this salon arose in a conversation between Cathy Camertijn and Pieter Wackers of The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence.

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