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“Between religious disbelief and classical belief” led by Dennis vanden Auweele

Especially for Western, secularized individuals it is far from self-evident to be a believer, especially in the traditional way. How will this evolve?

Philosophers have long believed that religion would gradually fade out of society. This process is somewhat faltering and, certain radical strands of atheism, want to get this process back on track. This radical atheism (eg Richard Dawkins, Etienne Vermeersch, Herman Philipse) is losing its appeal, especially among philosophers. Rather than believe that religion should disappear altogether, many philosophers believe that religion should rethink on the basis of ongoing criticism.

Will a new form of religiousness be reborn from the ashes of tradition? And what does it look like? We will explore with philosopher of religion Dr. Dennis vanden Auweele to the middle ground between religion and atheism, which “in many cases is also a form of religion”.


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Dennis vanden Auweele and Martijn van der Meer