CHE NL, in collaboration with Economy Transformers, offers a series of three salons about money and awareness


Money and Consciousness
(past, present and future)

'If people want to create a future in which they live together in peace and in a fair way divide the jointly produced goods among themselves, then in my opinion a step of consciousness is necessary, which each individual person has to take for himself. If people do not take that step of consciousness, then I see civilization crumbling stone by stone and more severe crises follow each other at an increasing pace. Every new crisis gives people a new chance to gather themselves together to create new futures from within, based on love and trust.'

In a series of three meetings, Jac Hielema will not only sketch the history of money in relation to the development of human consciousness, but will also do thinking and perception exercises with the participants, which offer the opportunity to experience that there are subjective world of imagination and experience, is an objective, loving, creative world of ideas, which is the foundation of the physical-sensory world of appearance. According to Jac, it is time to deepen our inner life into that world of ideas, from which everyone can draw his or her ideas that he or she can base his or her actions on.

Red line of this salon series

Evening 1 – Monday 14 November 2016 (Venwoude, Lage Vuursche)
First hour:
Sketch of the history of money in relation to the development of human consciousness from 3.000 BC to 1917.
Second hour:
Exercise: observing your own thinking, experiencing yourself as the creator of the ideas on the basis of which you make decisions and choices.

Evening 2 – Monday 28 November 2016 (Venwoude, Lage Vuursche)
First hour:
Humanity in crisis, the history of money (and violence) from the twentieth century to the present.
Second hour:
Exercise: living the ideas, experiencing the living and creative power of fruitful ideas and the depressing and destructive power of unfruitful ideas.

Evening 3 – Monday 12 December 2016 (Venwoude, Lage Vuursche)
First hour:
Possible future scenarios if man continues on the current path taken or renews himself from the inside…
Second hour:
Exercise: visualizing possible futures and one's own contribution to it.

Sign Up
Because there is a structure in the program, both in terms of content and experience level, you can only register for the entire series. Meetings start at 19.00:21.30 PM and last until 48,47:1 PM. The costs of participation are € 11. Registration is through this Eventbrite site, via the 'Attend Event' button. You can then pay immediately and you will receive 2016 ticket with XNUMX April XNUMX sent directly by e-mail. The ticket is valid for all days. If you register for one date, you are registered for all dates. Click here. to sign up.

Join for dinner
You can eat in advance at Venwoude, the costs are € 13,50 per meal. Because Venwoude does not want to waste food, they buy exactly. It is therefore important that you register in time (at the latest the Friday before the meeting) for dinner. You can do this by registering at:

You are most welcome and we hope to welcome you on our triptych series on Money and Consciousness.

With kind regards on behalf of CHE NL & Economy Transformers,

Jac Hielema & Leidje Witte

Venwoude – Vuurse Steeg 1, 3749 AN Lage-Vuursche, Netherlands