CHE is 10 years old: next April 20 there will be a dance party to celebrate!

“Through music & dance we embrace the ancient, present & future. Acoustics & electronics, tribal & urban, hi-tech & roots. Connecting with the Self, Mother Earth and the Universe, the dancer becomes the dance.” Kareem Raihani.

We invite you to celebrate the anniversary of the CHE with us. At this special dance salon we investigate how dance, movement and rhythm can lead us to the wisdom in your body. That evening we create an open space where you can meet yourself and each other and we celebrate life. To warm up dancer and fantastic UZAZU facilitator leads Ilse van Haastrecht us in the Evolution Dance, then we are taken into the tribal beats of the famous DJ Kareem Raïhani.

The party will take place in Club Lite, at Jan van Galenstraat 24 in Amsterdam (For the parking options near Club Lite, (click here)
We ask an entrance fee of 10 euros as a contribution towards the costs.

You can sign up via

Yours faithfully,

Lisette Schuitemaker, Peter Merry, Ilse van Haastrecht, Peter Luijten and Leidje Witte