17 x Salon praxis in 2015

17 x Salon praxis in 2015

We would like to remind you of a few Salons from 2015:
Special was the Lustrum 'dance' salon on April 20th, on the occasion of our 10th anniversary, we were literally in full motion there! Just before the summer, we had a salon about the values ​​of salons and the possibilities for financial independence using an instrument for value creation from the WEconomy: the New Business Model. This is likely to lead to a fully automatic salon sign-up system next year, which we are now investigating.

Jasper Rienstra organized a salon about SDi and Holacracy in which the participants put themselves in a CHE role and took part in a Governance meeting based on their accountability. From that experience, we have harvested which pure forces from the 1st Tier value systems Holacracy appeals to. An overview can be found in the article 'Holacracy end-of-year update'.

The Salon about Beauty of Beige comes in this newsletter here offer.

The last salon this year had the subject of 'Money and consciousness'. Jac Hielema took us on a journey through different philosophical perspectives and ways of thinking, forms of law and financial systems. At the end of the salon we were ready to understand the question he wanted to answer with us. We discovered that we need several meetings to do this. A salon series, in other words, in which we can go deeper into a subject. In the coming year we will be conducting an experiment around this theme.

2015 was a great year, and we already have plenty of plans for 2016.

We, the Salonhosts, would like to thank all the people who, as an initiator, as a visitor, as a host, have contributed to another great salon year. We are going into the new year inspired and with confidence!

Leidje Witte, salon coordinator