What is a CHE constellation?

What is a CHE constellation?
A CHE constellation is a group of people who will explore about a certain topic, such as health or politics from the perspective of the integral perspective.  At the moment three constellations are active: the Constellation Decolonization, Constellation Energetics and with Constellation Living together in unity.

How are CHE Constellations organized?
People with mutual interest and passion for integral innovation form a constellation around a certain theme. The process starts on the basis of a common goal that encompasses and transcends everyone's interests. If you wish, you can receive support and guidance. Please ask. 'CHE Constellations' is a collective term for (knowledge) networks, 'communities of practice' and practical partnerships.
In the beginning, people often start with getting to know each other and sharing ideas and knowledge (networking), after which the step can be taken to learn and innovate together. Next step is often to deepen the shared insights in order to achieve practical implementation. People take a vulnerable position in these CoPs. They are willing to put aside their personal beliefs, share dilemmas and listen to what arises in the group as a system. The essence of the group's experiences is recorded and communicated within the CHE and with external interested parties.

Want to start a CHE Constellation yourself?
Do the principles and ideas of the CHE appeal to you? Do you want to contribute to research and development of the fields of attention you are involved in? The CHE facilitates people and groups who wish to jointly explore and shape certain substantive themes. Download here the CHE constellations flyer 2021

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