Coping with cancer

In 2015, Hans Kunneman was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Instead of the regular approach, he has chosen a different path. He is now completely cured without surgery or radiation. Hans described his findings in the book On the way to Helen“It's about releasing your body's self-healing ability”, says Hans. The book is intended to inspire us to find a way to healing from our own strength. More information Salon on October 28, 2019 Healing On Your Own In this Salon Hans shared some of his findings and, after his introduction, we jointly discussed the theme Heal on your own. What's possible? Is mind stronger than matter or are we defined by our genes? What are the limits? When do you bury your head in the sand? Can you combine it with a regular treatment? In the Salon Hans lets us make contact with the role of our consciousness and the insight that turned out to be the turning point for him: love is the supporting force in the universe. “Where you cannot allow love, imbalance arises. Body and mind are inextricably linked. As you discover and transform old layers of pain, you pave the way for your body's self-healing ability”. In the last part of the evening we explored 'self-healing' together from an integral perspective. For this, frameworks such as Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDi) and the integral quadrant ('AQAL') were used. Hans Kunneman (1955) is a spiritual coach and musician. In 2008 he published the book 'Find your source' about tapping into authentic power. Between 2009 and 2013 at Inholland University of Applied Sciences, he trained more than five hundred students in a differentiation minor he developed on personal development. At the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, where he works as a teacher, the 'Flow on stage' module he developed is part of the curriculum. He initiated the concept of Frequency Awareness that helps individuals and groups to use intuitive information effectively.

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shadow work

The following three articles about shadow have been published in Pioniers Magazine. Shadows are traces or scars of (historical) events that are stored somewhere in your memory

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