Wholeness.nu (2011 – 2016)

Healthcare in the Netherlands is entering a new era, in which healthcare is being looked at and acted on more broadly than it is today. It has to be, because healthcare in the Netherlands is in danger of becoming unaffordable. Diagnosis and treatment still focus too much on combating symptoms, which means that the general state of health in Dutch society does not improve structurally, while we are living longer and requiring longer care. The CHE Health Constellation developed the concept wholeness.now as a movement with a core, that sails on a compass where wholeness is seen as the source to maintain and restore the balance between body, mind, emotions and spirituality. Only the client can restore this balance; counselors support that process in a reciprocal relationship. Each client is received as being whole and guidance is provided from all aspects of the human being using all available sources and methods, regular and complementary. After setting up the website, the Health Constellation will consider the next steps in 2013 in manifesting wholeness in society in the Netherlands, before the world, with broad support from relevant stakeholders. In 2016, the book was published as the final piece of the work that this constellation has done Wholeness, lexicon for positive health, written by dr.ir Jan-Willem van Aalst with the collaboration of Anja Wolters. [link]

Other publications and articles

Coping with cancer

In 2015, Hans Kunneman was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Instead of the regular approach, he has chosen a different path. He is now completely healed

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shadow work

The following three articles about shadow have been published in Pioniers Magazine. Shadows are traces or scars of (historical) events that are stored somewhere in your memory

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