The 5 child conclusions

When you read this book, you get the feeling that Lisette Schuitemaker is looking right through you. As if she knows that sometimes you secretly stuff 300 grams of chocolate in one go. That you go crazy when other people know something you don't. That you can punch that lingering cashier in the head. Or that your head is actually completely different. And how much you hope that one day someone will love you the way you really are.
A long search for the origin of her own feelings inspired the author to share her experiences in this book. Based on telling stories from her practice, she shows how child conclusions work for everyone.

The 5 child conclusions tells you exactly what you think. But also how you can learn to think differently. This book is for anyone curious about the basics of their thoughts.

The child claims theory is based on the "character defense structures" of the Austrian-American psychiatrist, sexologist and psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich. In the 20s he described the thought patterns that he observed in his clients. Schuitemaker has now made these descriptions accessible to a wider audience.

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