Developing your spiritual awareness

In addition to the 'normal' growing up from child to adult, man also develops in a more spiritual sense. Awakening is about waking up your consciousness, about developing the spiritual awareness that takes us from the illusion of separateness to the understanding that we are part of the whole. Do you have your own meditation routine? Do you have a spiritual teacher who can help you on your way?

Within the CHE we communicate with each other from the widest possible awareness. Our core principles are also aimed at that. That is why we like to read them out loud at the start of a salon, so that there is more awareness about how to talk to each other. Incorporating silences during a conversation or meeting can also be very helpful. In the Constellation Energetics is deeply practiced with more subtle forms of discovery and analysis than just using the thinking head.

Everyone knows the difference between sleeping, dreaming and being awake. These are different states of consciousness that you experience on a daily basis. A distinction is also made between the ordinary daily experience, the subtle energetic world, the causal consciousness and the nondual experience. This development of states of consciousness is a continuum, a continuous opportunity for expansion. But also with the risk of getting lost. It is therefore nice if you can find a suitable teacher who can show you the way.

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developing your spiritual awareness

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