Cleaning up your old patterns and pitfalls

When you get stuck (screw-up), it's a clear sign that it's time to clean up. Inside and outside. Cleaning remains a necessary activity to become and remain clear and open. Constantly being alert to your own pitfalls and old patterns; know what your triggers are and how to stay away from them.

The moment you encounter your 'triggers' and end up in 'old behavior', there is work to be done. When you have calmed down, you can look back: what exactly happened, what touched me, is there a relationship with what happened or was done to me in the past? Investigating your past is often necessary to become open, receptive, and unbiased. Only when you have gained insight into your inner motivations and motives can you stop non-productive behavior. And some things you never get rid of…. You can do the research alone, but it is smarter to do it together with others. They can hold up a mirror to you. They can see the blind spot that you cannot see yourself. If you have had many negative experiences, therapy or shadow work is recommended, especially if those experiences took place in the pre-verbal period.

If I keep looking like I've always looked
I keep thinking like I always thought.
If I keep thinking what I always thought
I continue to believe what I have always believed.
If I keep believing what I've always believed
I will continue to do what I have always done.
If I keep doing what I've done
keeps happening to me what always happened to me.

But if I close my eyes
and take a good look inside,
then I come out of this circle.
And I can start over at any moment.


Shadow work can be about individual traumas or about the effect of family karma, but also about collective shadows that you are taught with a spoon. Also read the three articles about this shadow work. Within the Constellation Decolonization we are also working hard on that.

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