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CHE salon March 9 (live!!)

How to move a system (in the agricultural sector), with Floor de Ruiter

How open am I really? That is what keeps our guest Floor de Ruiter busy in his work. Why does a conversation with 25 farmers give energy and often a good conversation about the future of the farmer's life arises, while conversations with councilors, bank directors and LTO directors are regularly more difficult? And that while you need all these actors to tackle the major task facing the agricultural sector.

We will discuss this with each other in this CHE Salon on March 9 in Centrum de Roos in Amsterdam. What role does us versus them play in this? As an integral leader, how do you enter into a conversation completely openly? What do you encounter in yourself? What is your attitude towards different leadership styles? How do you deal with the us-them thinking in yourself? And what do you have to do to take the entire (agricultural) system one step further?

It promises to be an inspiring and in-depth salon. You are most welcome Wednesday evening. Sign up for this via

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