Holacracy® is a new operating system for organizations. Where in most organizations authority is attributed to a small top, Holacracy® distributes it among all employees. Everyone is authorized to propose changes in specially designed meetings, without the (traditional) permission of managers. Holacracy® defines roles instead of functions and thus promotes entrepreneurship, flexibility and clarity. Everyone's attention is focused on the life purpose, and on the possible differences (gaps) between the current situation and the goals set. voltages (tension) and problems are seen as fuel for the development of the organization.

Much experience has been gained within the CHE organization with working according to this system. At the moment we work with a light form of holacracy. More information and support for the implementation of holacrcay in your organization can be obtained from our cooperation partner Synnervate.

Blog: Holacracy viewed from yin (Lisette Schuitemaker)
What a great idea that was, to read the book 'Holacracy' by Brian Robertson, the creator of the eponymous management system for a rapidly changing world, with the eyes of yin. At first glance, this management system that the CHE already installed in 2009 and which our cooperation partner Synnervate (www.synnervate.nl) is brought further into the world, with its strict division of roles and meeting rules rather yang, in other words aimed at action in the outside world. Read more.

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