Grow-up, Wake-up, Screw-up, Clean-up and Show-up

Ken Wilber argues that our personal development has four important dimensions: growing up (Grow-up), awakening (Wake-up), cleaning (Clean-up) and manifesting (Show-up). First of all, we grow up through different stages as indicated by SDi and other development models. From baby to adult we follow a path in which we can gain more and more insight into our existence and our view also becomes wider: from egocentric via ethno- and world-centric to cosmocentric. The second dimension is awakening: the spiritual realization that takes us from the illusion of separation to the insight that we are part of the whole. The third dimension concerns being constantly alert to your own pitfalls and old patterns. It's important to know what your triggers are and how to stay away from them. In this way we build a strong authentic personality with which you can commit yourself to and manifest in the world for the benefit of the greater whole.

These four dimensions for personal development are not linear, but arise in a certain relationship with each other. Growing up and manifesting often go hand in hand, also in the form in which something is put into the world. The attention for awakening and cleaning usually only really matures in the Green value system. All four dimensions offer development potential. Access to this is created by daring to make mistakes and learning from them (Screw-up). The CHE uses these dimensions as inputs to develop Integrated leadership.

Adeline van Waning wrote an interesting book about these dimensions: Growing up and Awakening, the integral approach. Buddhist, psychological and social perspectives. See also

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