School of Synnervation

The CHE School of Synnervation is an initiative of CHE Netherlands. It is an institute for education, research and development.

How do we effectively integrate the need for innovation, flexibility, sustainability and profit? How do we set out the right direction within a field of seemingly contradictory interests, differing levels of complexity and a variety of management goals? CHE School of Synnervation offers an integral vision on development and change processes.

Change and development is a given. How do we cope with that? How is this movement influencing us and what is it that drives us? What is our own authentic power and what is the meaning of this contribution and power to the world?

The CHE School of Synnervation supports the development of consciousness by offering people, organizations and communities processes and methods that enable them to learn and to reflect.

We not only help people to develop themselves, we go beyond that. In “synnervating” we implicitly take it to the next level of development, practicing a new state of being.

‘Syn’ — connects the different ‘parts’ of a person, organization or society and
‘nervate’ — vitalizes the new emerging whole.

The CHE School of Synnervation offers an integrated vision on development and change processes by offering training and coaching for businesses and individuals. The school also researches for third parties (and CHE Netherlands) aimed at developing prototypes of working methods and techniques that take into account the complexity and the resilience needed of people and organizations.