Published: 9 April 2013

When what is, is being named, the system relaxes and new information can make itself known. To do this expertly is one of the qualities we develop within CHE NL. I noticed the effect myself when on March 1, I proposed to fullfill the roles of Integral Alignment Officer and thus Lead of CHE NL. I conciously include the role of Organisational Spaceholder that I have been fulfilling since 2008 in this leadership as this is what I see myself do: holding space for what wants to happen in this world in transition through us as sacred partnership in life and stimulating each to play their own part fully free and fully conntected to the whole while making optimum use of all we have researched and developed in the past eight years.

We have a lot to build on. We conducted research into the characteristics of Turquoise or the holistic paradigm. We developed meshworking as a way to engender multi-stakeholder collaboration towards a common goal in complex issues. We did research into how we can bring about change by working in the energetic architecture. We practiced hosting salons in such a way that new insights emerge.

Now the time has come for embodiment and integration of all we have experimented so we can make our offerings to the world in which new forms want to manifest. We will straighten up the organization by renewing our commitment to the practice of Holacracy – thank you to Koen Bunders for offering to facilitate us in this process as with the transparence it creates and freedom it gives to each to fulfill their role in their own way, this still seems like the organizational operating system of the future.

In collaboration with the other CHE’s worldwide we will offer insight in the dynamics of change through a number webinars under the name All CHANGE! We continue offering the bi-monthly salons as space where the new makes itself known and with constellations where people from a field of practice find new forms. It often is a case of finding the direction while plotting the course. There is no doubt that we are on our way to new forms but what they look like and how we get there, no one knows. The only thing one can do is steer by compass. CHE NL does this by phrasing the common purpose as ‘sacred partnership in life’. Assuming oneness, acknowledging natural order in all life, enacting the role that is ours to play, acting when the time is right and holding when it’s not, clarifying creative tension until new insight emerges and acting from mutual trust and being accountable to each other and the whole at all times – that is the way to get there, even if we don’t yet know the course.

Lisette Schuitemaker