Published: 2 April 2013

“What is the leadership that CHE NL as sacred partnership in life needs now?” was the question that arose after Peter Merry stepped down from the roles of Integral Alignment Officer and CHE Lead at the end of September. Quite a few of the souls who fulfill roles within CHE, noticed that as a result of this move they took more of a stand for CHE, felt and took more responsibility. Honoring the principle ‘We clarify creative tension until new insight emerges’ time was taken to sense into the next natural step.

In the meantime, Lisette Schuitemaker acted as ‘in-between-lead’. She noticed that the joy this gave her grew as she began to embody this role more and more. On March 1, she proposed herself for the vacant roles and, the way this goes in this holacratic organization, asked if this was workable. With a unanimous round of ‘no objection’ she was appointed. This also means she will become chair of the CHE foundation, Stichting CHE.

The way in which Lisette wants to fulfill these leading roles, is: creating space for what wants to happen through us as sacred partnership in life in this world in transition, while stimulating each and all to play their roles in full freedom and in connection to their unique source code and putting to full use of all that we have developed in pioneering together.

For transparancy’s sake, this is what the organization can count on:

The purpose of the Integral Alignment Officer role is: Aligning the organization internally and externally

The accountabilities as they have been newly formulated, are:

  • Sensing into and feeding in signals from the broader Integral evolutionairy movement;
  • Sensing into the parts and activities of the organisation and taking whatever action is necessary to facilitate ongoing alignment with our Purpose, Principles and Mission;
  • Sensing into what is emerging in life. Facilitating our partnership in aligning with that direction, internally within the organisation and externally in relation to context.

General Accountabilities for Lead Links of Circles:

  • Drive for results to meet the Purpose as set out by the Higher Circle;
  • Create annual plan and budget (see policy point “Jaarplannen” 27.10.08);
  • Decide on resource allocation;
  • Appoint souls to roles;
  • Appoint Lead Links to sub-circles;
  • Provide Annual Report (see policy point to come);
  • Host Operational meetings.

It is to be noted that holacratically speaking CHE NL has no higher circle that sets a purpose and so this is done by the Alignment circle. The CHE Lead has as an extra accountability: Staying in contact with CHE international and with the founder.