Published: 8 October 2012

Dear CHE friends,

As with all of life’s spiraling cycles, there are beginnings, endings and transformations. In the CHE we continue to experiment rigorously and playfully with what it really means to be the fullest expression of life. As the founder, I need to embody that for our organisation to be authentic.

In recent months I have become increasingly engaged in a social enterprise whose aim is to bring integral evolutionary learning to higher education, public education and high school education with the highest quality and broadest accessibility, combining the best of online learning environments with in-person transformational experiences. This has grown out of my work with Wisdom University, and increasingly drawn my attention. Recently I was offered the post of Vice-President for Organisational Learning and Design, as well as playing a key role in curriculum development, and I gratefully accepted.

Following a month’s contemplation, at the end of CHE’s Alignment Circle Governance meeting last Friday, I stepped out of my role as Integral Alignment Officer. I didn’t feel that I could honestly continue to commit to fulfilling all the accountabilities in the role, given my new focus. I noticed that trying to energetically steward two entities of this magnitude was too much for me.

At the same time we created a role called Founder to be located in our Wisdom Council and appointed me to that role. The accountabilities are:

  • to be a connection to the founding impulse for the CHE NL
  • to represent the story of CHE NL with integrity
  • to be a member of the Wisdom Council
  • to track CHE NL energetically, consult with the Organisational Spaceholder and inform the Lead and Rep Links of the Alignment Circle of developments where appropriate

It was a relief to feel how naturally and gracefully the transition landed. I am deeply grateful for the support I have had over the years from all of you, and in particular those who have participated with me in our Alignment Circle. It was beautiful synchronicity that during our meeting today we also finalised the new Purpose and Principles, co-created by many of you, to replace the ones I had come up with myself seven years ago. Here they are:


‘A sacred partnership in life’

‘Een gewijd partnerschap in leven’


‘We assume oneness’

‘We gaan uit van eenheid’

‘We acknowledge natural order in all life’

‘We erkennen natuurlijke orde in alle leven’

‘We enact the role that is ours to play’

‘We vervullen de rol die de onze is’

‘We act when the time is right and hold when it’s not’

‘We handelen als de tijd rijp is en verduren zo niet’

‘We clarify creative tension until new insight emerges’

‘We verhelderen creatieve spanning tot nieuw inzicht zich aandient’

‘We act from mutual trust and are accountable to each other and the whole at all times’

‘We handelen vanuit wederzijds vertrouwen en zijn steeds bereid rekenschap te geven aan elkaar en het geheel’

My deep sense, and that of the Alignment Circle, is that this could be a liberation into a next phase for CHE NL as well as me personally. Over the coming weeks we will be looking for a suitable soul to fill the Integral Alignment Officer role, and will of course let you know as soon as we have news. In the meantime, I trust we will all do what needs to be done to make this transition as graceful and powerful for all as possible.

With thanks and love, Peter