Published: 7 October 2012

This is a very early announcement, but we want you to know about the plans that the Global Centers for Human Emergence (CHE’s) are making to raise our collective profile and to support change wherever that is arising.

All Change – supporting change in a practical way

SDi is a beautiful instrument to analyse what is happening on individual, organisational and societal level. But it’s real treasure lies in the tools for application it offers us. In particular, the perspectives on different kinds of  change, how we value the conditions for change to happen and how we can support the most fitting outcomes to emerge in a natural and sustainable way – these are the special province of Spiral Dynamics. No-one else has anything to match it.

In April and May next year we will start a series of four All Change-Webinars. In the first, Don Beck will introduce SDi’s special tools and perspectives. In the next, other major presenters will describe aspects of change at Societal, Organisational and Personal levels and we will relate these to the core change perspectives. Alongside these global All Change-events, several of the local CHE’s (such as the CHE NL) will organise local All Change-project conversations, workshops and seminars designed to bring the general theory down to specific examples. We like to support people and projects in a practical way.

All Change in the Netherlands: call for hosts

The All Change project is still in its early stages, but for the local events in the Netherlands, we would like to call upon our SDi-community (people we have trained in SDi) to be All Change-agents. Who would like to host an event themselves, under this global All Change – umbrella, for their own network? Jasper Rienstra, Anne-Marie Voorhoeve and Leida Schuringa are organizing the local All Change events in the Netherlands. If you are trained in SDi, we will probably approach you in the coming months. If you’re not but would like to organize an event together with a SDi-expert, let us know, just as all other ideas you got reading this first announcement. Contact:;;