Published: 7 October 2012

Constellations are a CHE way of bringing together people, topics, personal and professional growth. You’ll find them in projects, coincidental conferences (people coming together for a number of times to discuss a topic), communities of interest, communities of practice, and systems of influence. Specific constellations on topics that are currently meeting on a more or less regular basis are:

  • Politics: a fixed group of people, sensing in to what is needed to feed the current political system, in a multilevel, multidimensional variety of working ways
  • Health: a community of practitioners, working towards being a system of influence and renewing the health system through their own practices and examining through the concept of ways of cooperating in a multi disciplinary, unconventional new way of working with health and its systems
  • Yin: a community of interest working with concepts of revealing and researching yin-energy and liberate the feminine aspects to be expressed in the world as it currently evolves
  • Money (slumbering) coincidental conference that explored the role of money and correlated systems to see how, if and when there is emergence for new systems

Starting up:

  • Constellations for Coaching, Integral advice & Leadership and Integral Project Management. For people who are interested in joining these, contact
  • Pre-startup conversations currently going on with conductor Chris Pouw, to create a possible constellation for voice & sound healing with professional orchestra and singers ale instruments for personal transformation.

Download CHE constellaties flyer v.1.5.