Published: 26 July 2011

CHE recommends two new books

Peter Merry, CHE NL Integral Alignment officer

In June two books were published, both in Dutch for the time being, that are essential to our work.

Lisette Schuitemaker, CHE’s Organisational Spaceholder, wrote a book that describes the five conclusions we jump to when we are very young. Once grown up, we still hear these childhood conclusions tell us how we should be and behave in order to remain safe, until we start to recognize them for what they are. Recommended reading for those who want to know when they are reacting from childhood conditioning and when they are truly co-creating. The book ‘De 5 kindconclusies’ is available in bookstores and can be ordered through Lisette’s site.

Hans Andeweg, founder and director of the Centrum for ECOtherapie where a number of us are following his training, had his new book ‘Scheppend Leven’ published. It is a sequel to his 1998 book ‘In Resonantie met de Natuur’ in that he has made working with energy towards a healthy body and environment accessible to the layman. He has wanted to describe in the most simple terms how each of us can help fortunate coincidences to happen and easily and fortuitously find one’s destiny. The book is available through bookstores and through Juwelenschip.