Published: 9 April 2013

Seven years ago a number of people supported the fledgling CHE NL by taking a Synergon of Euro 1,500, which meant they paid their contribution for the next seven years forward. Recently we thanked these donors of the very beginning for their confidence, and we asked them if they would be inclined to enable the work in this way again. You, too, we invite cordially to become a donor if you aren’t yet. Here is more information on how you can make your donation.

Before making a donation, you might  want to know how CHE is doing financially. The answer is that it is doing well. Most of the work is done by volunteers: the people who fulfill roles, host the bi-monthly salon evenings, do research within the constellations, organize the internal retreats and make up the Board of Stichting CHE are all volunteers. Furthermore, we are endowed with a fund from which we can pay people who do auxilliary work and those who commit to flagship projects that require more time than can be asked of a volunteer. To determine a fair remuneration, we ask: “What do you need in order to be able to do this?”. This results in some people being paid within a project team while others offer their time for free, or people receiving different amounts for the same kind of work. By clarifying the tension that might result from this, we contribute to finding new models of earning.

Should you want to contribute with an amount per month, per year of for 7 years, then your gift would for instance be spent on expanding the theory and praxis of meshworking, deepening the work with the energetic architecture or projects that result from the collaboration with the very diverse international CHE’s. Whatever we do, it is always ‘practice what you preach’. People who are actively engaged with CHE experience first hand what is required to co-operate towards a common purpose in such a way that the gifts of each generate essentially new solutions. This we do each time we convene wherever and with whomever.

Do you wish to support this way of thinking and acting, you will find our account number here.  If you want more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the people who fulfill roles within CHE NL. Thank you!