Published: 19 June 2013

This is to let all our members know that the interview with Dr Ichak Adizes, discussing change and organisations is now available in the Event Members’ area. The interview with Marilyn Hamilton explores how both the Adizes methodology and Spiral Dynamics work together to give great insights into Change at an organisational scale. Dr Adizes talks about methodologies for use in companies and also the problems of dealing with large scale cultural change including examples from Russia and China.

You can still upgrade your membership from a free membership to Event Membership HERE if you wish to do so. All material will be available until the end of August to view as often as you wish.

The recorded Maestro live discussion on Spiral Dynamics from June 15th is now available and this has been posted both under Dr Don Beck’s interview and on the Maestro page. We hope that you enjoy this and will join us on our next call when we will be discussing Dr Ichak Adize’s interview on Organisational Change

We hope that you enjoy the two additions to your learning experience. Please leave your comments on the site, we love to hear from you.

Ian and the ALL CHANGE! team.