CHE Constellation “Health”

Constellations are the central meeting place for people with interest in integral approaches to specific subjects or challenges that are related to their field of interest. The CHE constellation Health aims at exploring and stimulating work in integral health.

The main purpose of CHE Health:

    Stimulating wellness by experiencing oneness

The Key principles of CHE Health:

  • Wellness is the natural way coming from the inside out
  • Mindful attention invites what is wanting to emerge
  • Wherever wellness is the intention, relationships become loving and equal
  • Mutual tuning-in to each other invites healing
  • We operate from a frame of authenticity
  • Recognizing diversity in oneness

the mission of CHE Health:

    Embodying the fundamental transition in wellness by opening our hearts for the experience of oneness, by living it and passing it on. By dancing the evolutionary organic dance of inside – outside – inside, we help shape and facilitate this transformation.

Download the manifest of the CHE constellation Health (.PDF document, in Dutch)

The members of the CHE constellation Health are:

Meetings and discussion topics of the constellation Health will be published on this page.

You are invited to join this CHE constellation. If you are interested, please contact the Constellations Coordinator Anja Wolters.